We believe safety begins with employees. Global Fire Solution provides detailed training programs, continuing education and encouragement in the pursuit of personal development. When our employees excel our company succeeds. We strive to provide an environment of support, innovation and connection. When you join with Global Fire Solution, you join a family.

We offer benefit packages, employment insurance, worker’s compensation, overseas job experience and more.

Head Chemist5 years
I am the head chemist and I have worked in GFS for 5 years. I oversee the setup operations, blending and laboratory works. I ensure that products are calibrated and blend properly. What I like about the Global Fire Solution work culture is the flexibility in decision making. Management listens and allows me to work on ideas that will improve my job. What I like best about working in Global Fire Solution is the creativity I’m allowed to use to produce solutions to benefit the company. The GFS laboratory provides the latest laboratory equipments as compared to my previous work where I did not have the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge.
Technical Engineer5 years
I am the technical engineer and I have worked in Global Fire Solution for 5 years. I service and repair chemical blenders and conduct safety fire tests. What I like best about working at GFS are opportunities to learn and the everyday challenges that help me to improve myself. The company also sends me to work overseas. Working at Global Fire Solution doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy what I am do.
Logistic Store Assistant5 years
I have worked at Global Fire Solution for 5 years as a Logistics Store Assistant. My main task at work is to assist with daily operations and the packing of product. GFS work culture is a family oriented culture and colleagues care for one another. The company sees to my needs. I recommend others to join Global Fire Solution because the company offers attractive benefits and remunerations.


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