Global Fire Solution Pte Ltd (GFS) is one of the fastest growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Singapore. We manufacture a wide range of fire fighting foams and chemicals for various market segments under the brand GlobalChem. GFS is also a licensed blender for a major maritime industry supplier.

Through continuous R&D coupled with a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, GFS strives to maintain innovative foam concentrate products and is moving towards fluorine-free products and biodegradable chemicals.

Our multiple blending locations strive to ensure that our products reach customers through fast and cost effective channels.


Our vision is to build strong customer relationships that have confidence in our ability to provide a wide range of the highest quality foam concentrates and biodegradable chemicals.


Give the Best Innovative Solutions

Listen to Customer and Employee Feedback

Observe Local and International Statutory Requirements

Be Reliable and Efficient Business Partners, Globally

Achieve Products of High Quality Through Research and Development

Lower Costs and Time Through Multiple Blending Locations

“Global Success Built On Customer Satisfaction “

Global Fire Solution remains an industry leader by continuously improving services.

Our success is built on the satisfaction of our clients. Quality service, timely feedback and detailed reporting have earned Global Fire Solutions a strong global reputation. This system has allowed our team to continually anticipate and evolve to meet client demands.

Regular communication with safety regulators ensures continual compliance with statutory requirements. Global Fire Solutions promises clients that their needs will be met and all services will be performed at the highest safety standard through our quality assurance system.

We are committed to exceeding client expectations through cost effective safety solutions while providing the highest quality service.